Bryn Dole

Perl coder, search engine writer, cyclist, wine enthusiast, dad. What else do you need to know? Home page and blog for Bryn Dole.



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Friends and Co-Conspirators

Stephen Burns Kevin Butler Mark Crosbie
Les Dole Lora LaVon Mike Markson
Nana-B Keith Peters Rich Skrenta


2008-now Co-founder at Blekko.
2002-2007 Co-founder of Topix the world's largest categorized news site.
1999-2002 Netscape/AOL/TW: Principal SW Engineer responsible for the Open Directory Search, AOL Music Search, and AOL Shopping Search.
1998 Co-founded NewHoo! and acquired by Netscape.
1996-1998 Sun Microsystems: Computer Security.
1993-1996 Purdue University, M.S.
1989-1993 University of Illinois, B.S.

Odd Quotes

"My coffee does not taste
 the way it should."
    - The Dead Milkmen, 1988
"Say something once,
 why say it again?"
     - Talking Heads, 1984
"A weird imagination is most useful to 
 gain full advantage of all the features."
    - Caveat from amd(8) man page

Bryn Dole, ( bryn @ dole . nu )